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Network Under 40

September 15th marks the inaugural Network Under 40 event in Nashville! We're headed to the award-winning Sinema: Nashville's bar and cocktail destination. Relax where classic style meets innovation.

Network Under 40 exists at the intersection of friendship and business. We understand that we live in a connection economy, and the foundation to success in career and personal life hinges on genuine relationships with real people. Our events are designed to help you build local community and turn transactional, tedious networking events into fun, meaningful experiences! We do this in different areas of town and vary our venue vibes so that you can choose which are a fit for you. Click on the logo below for more information and tickets.

Sinema Unplugged

William Davenport has had an intimate relationship with music that dates back to his childhood in Atlanta, Ga. A soulful spirit with gospel roots, he scribes music reminiscent of mature love in its truest form. A powerful voice in his own right, William continues to pen musical stories that genuinely reflect the heart songs of everyday love and sensuality while carving a career in the industry with his unique sound and undeniable talent.

Earlier Event: September 13
Sinema Unplugged