Join us each Wednesday for Punch & Swizzle

Visit The Lounge at Sinema every Wednesday for an all-night punch & swizzle special.  The punch and the swizzle both predate the cocktail.  Swizzle is an island cocktail that originated in the Caribbean, made popular by the famous Trader Vic.  

The ingredients are combined with an abundance of crushed ice and blended with a swizzle stick.  Punches were created by British settlers in the 17th century as they found exotic ingredients during their travels, like rum, citrus and spices.  

All cocktails on this menu are specially priced at $6 and feature refreshing, seasonal flavors ideal for escaping the heat of summer.

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Punch & Swizzle | Lounge Sinema

The drinks on the @sinemanashville Punch & Swizzle program 😙👌

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Punch & Swizzle night @sinemanashville. Don't mind if I do. Thanks for joining me @nashchihunt #nashvillefoodfan #draaaaanks

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